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Tour De Scotland Cycle Ride Update

by Unknown - 19:08 on 12 July 2015

Bikes are out. Bums on saddles. Ignore the weather north of the border. Shirts are being designed. Banners for vehicles and all looking swell!! I think the southern half of the team have been blessed with kind conditions. Up here we are struggling against endless wind and rain but I guess if its like this on the ride we should be used to it. Chasing up sponsorship for cyclists and for the ride itself. Please come on board and support us.

Comment from Ian Williams at 20:45 on 12 July 2015.
wanting to do our very best for the children, as Gill has said we have tried very hard to train. It is so difficult with the weather. But I am sure with possitive mind we will do it. Please think of us and where you can support us and the children. Thank you. Ianx
Comment from Gill at 19:03 on 13 July 2015.
At last - got out this evening and had a blast. Calm weather for a while
Comment from DAvid Porter at 21:59 on 15 July 2015.
Only just started training, panicking now, but determined to get plenty of miles under me, in the last six weeks. Looking forward to an enjoyable trip, for a great cause.
Thank you for any support you can give,
Comment from Graham Jones at 07:41 on 16 July 2015.
My training is going very well, I am probably the most advanced of the group. I have been sitting for hour on end and also driving in dreadful weather conditions all over the island, such is the commitment of a van support driver lol.
Comment from Gill at 20:20 on 18 July 2015.
More gales and rain today, I agree with Graham - I think he and Willie will be the fittest for the job as drivers!!
Comment from Gail Robson at 20:26 on 21 July 2015.
really want the weather to turn reasonable so I can start training on the bike, getting my bum used to the saddle again!
Went on the bike tonight, blue sky, sunshine, no wind, the beauty of the turbo trainer and cycle dvd, but you can't beat getting out on the road 🚵
Comment from Gill at 21:44 on 25 July 2015.
Me, Ian, Gail and Spencer got 28k of hard hills in today around both windfarms. Great cycle and well done us in good weather.
Comment from Gail Robson at 19:57 on 02 August 2015.
A 20 mile ride today with some steep hills, black clouds.
Spencer did a speed ride on his road bike. Good day all round inbetween the showers. 😀
Comment from Gill at 16:58 on 07 August 2015.
Me and Spence had a crazy ride - twice round the forestry in 50mph gusts. Had to keep pedalling down hill!! The new pedals are fantastic as are the ergo handlebar grips - way to go! Not big distance but tough distance.
Comment from Kevin at 17:24 on 07 August 2015.
It's not the miles that's hurting my prep it's the backside. Yes. all of it!!
Comment from Shaun Sandham at 21:53 on 09 August 2015.
Well it's only 3 weeks till we all meet up in Fort William for a jar or two maybe even three before we begin our cycle. Went out on my mountain bike tonight along a coastal path near to where I live. There's a part of it where I nearly came off last week where the path gets very narrow near the edge and quite bumpy. Tonight in the same place I went arse over tit, the front wheel disappeared down a hole and I flew over the handle bars and landed on my head. Think I'm gonna have a stiff neck in the morning. All for a good cause though. Hope all is going well with everyone else.
Comment from Gill at 08:20 on 15 August 2015.
Tough 28 miles yesterday but pleased I did it. Sore bum though! Great to hear that everyone is getting out there.
Comment from Ian Williams at 05:38 on 16 August 2015.
18 hard miles of training yesterday, still bloody hurts! I must thank all of those who have sponsored Gill and me on visits to my gallery, very kind. Although one did say they would rather give cash than do the cycle ride. Cheers Ian.
Comment from Gill at 17:46 on 20 August 2015.
Bike serviced - running smoothly - changed the saddle - is this wise at this late stage?!!
Comment from Gail at 17:29 on 23 August 2015.
Skye today is warm, sunny but pretty windy, a bike ride was in order to test out my new fat tyres...... Going uphill was a battle against the wind, 16 miles and 1236ft of ascent completed, tyres are good 😀 Bike now cleaned, just needs oiled and ready for Tour De Scotland.....whoop whoop....think I need oiled, ..haha....look forward to seeing everyone for what should be a good but hard charity cycle
Comment from Gill at 21:35 on 27 August 2015.
Four days to go and everyone fired up, excited and raring to go. Here is to a fun filled but hard seven days yeehaa

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